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Bonnier broadcasting – TV4 Play Login

  • Starting page of
    On there is links for logging in and signing up (Skaffa konto) in the top menu.

Bonnier broadcasting is part of Bonnier Group, the second largest media company in Sweden (after Spotify, with regards to yearly revenue). Bonnier broadcasting owns TV4 — the largest private TV channel in Sweden, and C More — the fastest growing Netflix competitor on the Swedish market. Being a company with the traditions of broadcast TV, it now faces the challenges of digital transformation.

With the goal of improving the user experience of TV4 Play and converting more of its users to C More I led the work of a redesign of the login and signup workflows.

Product available at


  • Lead UX designer (me)
  • Product owner
  • Visual designer
  • Developers and testers


While working with the business goal of upsell from TV4 Play to C More I identified a big flaw in the login and signup flows for TV4 Play on the web. We had many different designs depending on how the user came to these pages. Only on one of these we mentioned C More. In order to make this more consistent we did a complete redesign of the login, signup and password recovery process on The job was quick and was launched about two weeks after initiating the design work. Together with the rest of the team we:

  • Specified all points of entry for the user
  • Sketched several design alternatives
  • Prototoyped one design alternative
  • Tested the prototype with users
  • Implemented the design
  • Launched the new design
  • Tested new version with users

Personal learnings

This is an example of a short job that had great impact. Not only did we convert more tv4play users to C More, but the users we know are interested in content that is not available at C More are no longer bothered as much by the upsell information. This is the part of my job I love – when I can improve the experience of the users and at the same time clearly contribute to better business for the organization.

At Bonnier broadcasting we try to work with as little documentation as possible. In this project I learned about the lower limit of documentation. We thought we had communicated all requirements to the developers, but still there were many details that were misunderstood. I do think it would have been better to document some more before the coders did most of their work, because they seemed to be frustrated when there were “new” requirements.